Family Run Company

We're an Italian brand, and our main goal is to make feel special - because you are! We have 55 employees around the world (95% women!), and we are family-owned and family-run business! As you can see we are the only company on the market that make exclusive designs and it's all because we want you to look and feel the best on your special day. All our products are made from the best fabric. Every creation you see here is made exclusively for you, driven by your essence. Our name, Semita Amoris, derived from Latin, translates to 'The Path of Love.' We embark on this path with you, infusing every step with love and care. Our mission is to make you feel like the radiant star of the universe, for it is in your love and care that the world finds its greatest splendor. We believe that by nurturing love within ourselves and extending it to those we care about, we can change the world. We want to show you - that you are the person who can really change the world, and that all the power is inside you.

with love